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Do you have any writing you would like to share? Perhaps you have your own blog but would like to try out different content or maybe you are new to writing and would like to develop your confidence or improve your writing skills?

Whether you would like to share your favourite reads, your latest book review, a short piece of fiction or some poetry, your work could make a beautiful addition to Raggie Writes and I would be thrilled to make it a part of the website.

All of your work will be credited to you, with links to your social media platforms and further content of yours. The more we get our name out there the better!

If you have anything you would like to submit, please fill in the contact form below outlining your article/poem/story and I will get back to you to discuss further!

Alternatively, send your article/poem/story and links directly below and I will get to reading and potentially posting!






If you have nothing to do,

Or you are bored on the loo,

Take a step through this door,

To find poetry galore…





A Quote a Day to Keep the Lockdown Blues Away

A quote for every day of the UK Lockdown. Some are motivational, some are just genius but all of them are inspiring! Take a look here!




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