When the Curse of the Eternal Winter is Broken . . .

Tomorrow brings the first day of Spring, so today I bring a short story about the season of new beginnings. She came from a world victim to an eternal winter. Daytime was twilight and the night was darker than we could fathom. The brightest light came from the dim glow of the miniature moon hanging…

Charles Dickens

I will let this get to my head, Charles Dickens and I share the same birthday as each other. Obviously, this is a sign . . . right? Not just that but, as I have mentioned several times on my blog before, Dickens also stayed at the hotel where I work, alongside Wilkie Collins in 1857. It was during this trip that they penned The Lazy Tour of the Two Idle Apprentices, featuring a glimpse into one of the most famous friendships in English Literature. Today marks 208 years since the birth of Dickens (and 27 years since the birth of me, just in case you were curious) and I think we should celebrate by remembering the literary hero's life and some of his greatest work.