5 Facts About Morecambe Bay

Morecambe is a forgotten seaside town in the North West of England, however, this town has a show-stopping trick up its sleeve. Every evening the sun sets over the expansive Morecambe Bay, flooding the sky and the sea with colour. Just like the beautiful sunsets it hosts, Morecambe has so many wonderful little quirks that make it a wonderful place to live and visit.

A Trip to Prague: Days Three and Four

The beautiful blue skies from the day before had returned and we were blessed with another morning awakening to the music of bird song and church bells. The traffic of the city was a little calmer, as the Sunday morning had many enjoying a deserved lie in. Feeling fresh for a change, I woke up early and created our itinerary for day three:

A Trip to Prague: Day One

This adventure started at Christmas with a hidden envelope and the words "A Trip to Prague". After a lot of reassuring, this February I got on my first plane in twenty years, making it through the flight with only one glass of prosecco, numerous glances of reassurance from my boyfriend, and a lot of thrash metal.

A Bookish Day Off in Morecambe

Morecambe gets a bad rap for many reasons. It is one of those British seaside towns that was once a grand holiday destination, but when holidays abroad became accessible to the working class, it was quickly forgotten about. Buildings became abandoned, theme parks were left to rot and all that was left of the magnificent…