Step Outside

It had been years since I had left home . . . Having a love for roaming alone, Walking along the cobblestones, An "old soul" reminiscing about long ago. The bow window and the park below, With trees of yellow, red and gold, The literature carved into the stone, The view of the chateau at … Continue reading Step Outside

Independent Love

I want to . . . Lie under the stars with you and get lost in the night sky, Make music together, creating one song with our unique sounds, Read to you - experience the same story with our own imaginations, Walk up mountains hand in hand, whilst leaving individual footprints in the ground.

121 Questions to Ask Your Character when Writing a Book

Every author goes about writing their book in a different way. Some jump straight in and let their imagination roam free with the story. Other authors create in-depth, detailed characters and then allow the story to write itself around them. Whichever way you write, coming up with interesting, relatable and realistic characters is difficult, so … Continue reading 121 Questions to Ask Your Character when Writing a Book