Fantasy Week: 150 Questions to Answer When Creating a Fantasy World

Just like when creating a character profile, world-building can be an incredibly helpful exercise, helping you to discover things about your world which you never knew before. Below are 150 useful questions to consider when creating your fantasy world. You do not have to use them all, simply choose the ones that are the most suitable or get inspired to create your own! Let your creativity run wild here!

Fantasy Week: 100 Questions to ask your Fantasy Characters

A little while ago I wrote a blog post titled "121 questions to ask you characters", I use this list personally and so I have decided to do a few more questions for characters within the fantasy world. It may seem like a lot of questions to answer on behalf of your character, but depending on your writing style, they could become incredibly useful.

My 100th Blog Post – What I Have Learned So Far…

In the beginning, I worked difficult jobs with awkward hours and the one thing that I looked forward to was coming home to write or take pictures for my blog. I have loved every minute of having Raggie Writes and what may just be a website for most, is a wonderful little world that I can lose myself in (and I hope perhaps a few others can too).