Fantasy Week: 150 Questions to Answer When Creating a Fantasy World

Just like when creating a character profile, world-building can be an incredibly helpful exercise, helping you to discover things about your world which you never knew before. Below are 150 useful questions to consider when creating your fantasy world. You do not have to use them all, simply choose the ones that are the most suitable or get inspired to create your own! Let your creativity run wild here!

How to Become a Paid Writer

Freelance writing is the perfect way to provide yourself with a steady income. The more work you decide to do, the more money that you can earn and the best part about it? It is the ultimate lockdown-friendly job. If you want to know how to become a paid writer, then read on!

121 Questions to Ask Your Character when Writing a Book

Every author goes about writing their book in a different way. Some jump straight in and let their imagination roam free with the story. Other authors create in-depth, detailed characters and then allow the story to write itself around them. Whichever way you write, coming up with interesting, relatable and realistic characters is difficult, so … Continue reading 121 Questions to Ask Your Character when Writing a Book