So, you have stumbled across my blog and you are probably wondering, “where the hell in the internet am I?”. Well, I wish I could tell you something interesting like, I am a fire-breathing acrobat and I am here to teach you how to be just as cool as I am, but the truth is, I am a writer… and I… write. HI.

Growing up, I didn’t really have the opportunity to travel. At a young age I moved from Newcastle to a small and forgotten seaside town in the North West of England called Morecambe. Aside from the ever-changing colours of the sky across the bay at sunset, life and my surroundings remained pretty much the same. My fascination with reading and writing became an escape from this world and any time in-between was spent wandering around my hometown in search of cheerful flowers, watercolour sunsets and beautiful buildings. This is my little space where I try to transform the magic that I find into words, from poetry and short stories to little glimpses into the past.

Over the years, this blog has been an outlet for my thoughts and experiences and as I continue flailing through life, I hope to embark on many more adventures and share too many rambles. Here’s to the future and not having a clue what on earth is going to happen next.

You are probably wondering why my site is called “Raggie Writes” when my name is Rachael… Well, I’ll tell ya!

I grew up in Newcastle in the North East of England where I was given the nickname “Raggie”. In Newcastle, a “radgie” is someone who has a quick temper (I was a stroppy child).

Here is the Urban Dictionary’s top definition:

“A singular or collective of bus stop and public area dwelling little reprobates usually with cider and 1 or more ASBOS. Donning sportswear they come out in greater numbers during the later hours and school holidays. They are allergic to Books, education and any kind of witty remark or words with more than 2 syllables (it has a similar effect as Kryptonite does on Superman). Be careful as they become agitated and often violent if intelligence is flaunted blatantly in front of them.”

I will let you make your own mind up about whether or not that is an accurate description of my character…