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I am Raggie, a confused millennial with a love for words and infinite curiosity. This is where I share what I read, what I write and where I wander. . . .

“I hope that someday when I am gone, someone, somewhere, picks my soul up off of these pages and thinks, “I would have loved her.” – Nicole Lyons

Growing up, I didn’t really have the opportunity to travel. Living in a small and forgotten seaside town in the North West of England, meant that aside from the ever-changing colours of the sky across the bay at sunset, life and my surroundings remained pretty much the same. My fascination with reading and writing became my escape from this world. 

Have a look around, you may find a little inspiration (have a look at my writing prompts) or I might even recommend your next favourite book.



In the ‘reading’ section of my blog, you can find book reviews, book hauls, reading lists (TBR), and book releases; enough to satisfy my fellow bibliophile’s bookish curiosity. I also like to celebrate my favourite authors birthdays with the occasional post, like Charles Dickens!



Every Wednesday I post a writing prompt under the ‘writing‘ section to help you get your inspiration flowing for your next bestseller! I share what I learn along the way, blogging and freelancing, in ‘writing tips‘ and I even attempt some poetry every now and again.



The bench where I sat and read a book as the sun set beyond the horizon. The crooked old bookshop along the seafront. Fairytale cities and forgotten towns. These are some of the places I have written about so far and with new adventures planned throughout 2020, who knows what magic I will find.

Have the most lovely day!