Happy New Year

From an overcrowded warehouse filled with bass lines and ignorant cheer,

We welcomed each other into another hopeful new year.

It was the twentieth year of the twenty-first century

and after one final night of rambunctious debauchery,

We made our resolutions with every intention to adhere,

Not knowing twenty-twenty’s plans to interfere.

The winter, whilst freezing, was the warmest season,

Where hugs were free to give without any reason,

Grandchildren would visit and cause jovial mischief

Chocolate smiles wiped away by Grandma’s handkerchief.

The final flights to fairytale cities and golden sands,

and then the last pizzicato was plucked by the Gaunt’s folk band.

As the daffodils shone and nature renewed,

The world woke up to life-changing news,

and in a matter of days, the dreams and the hopes

That were set in stone mere months ago,

Were postponed and then cancelled and then forgotten

and then… We miss you mum.

The days, the weeks the months, they all merged into one,

It felt like just minutes… but then summer was gone.

Watching the sun as it set earlier and earlier each day,

When a quote a day kept the lockdown blues away,

It was ‘the part of summer where the cruelty had gone out of the sun’

Awaiting the golden facade of autumn.

A ruby leaf falls onto burnt umber pavement,

and we marvel at the sight with a new-found amazement.

Because though it has been a lonely start to the decade,

We learned a lot of good through the cruel escapade,

To stop, smell the roses and celebrate the blue skies,

To be kind to each other and to smile with our eyes.

There may have been no white Christmas but that didn’t matter,

We searched for festive cheer in the silent, lost chatter,

and whilst we were lucky enough to have envelopes fall through the door,

With Christmas wishes and New Year’s hope, signed con amore.

Spoiled with thoughtful presents, tied up with a bow,

We’d be happier to see your smiling face, even just through the window.

Now it is time to say goodbye but we won’t look back and cry,

We will look back and learn, then together we will try,

The twentieth year of the twenty-first century,

Will become more than a distant memory,

It was the year that we loved, lost and learned the hard way,

A lesson we will all remember, each and everyday.

So welcome twenty-twenty-one, we are already in your debt,

We can’t tell you how happy we are to have met.

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