I Couldn’t Sleep…

I had been tossing and turning for hours on end. Too hot… foot out of the covers, too cold… foot back under the covers. My old friend insomnia had visited again. Hazy eyed and stiff limbed, I climbed out of bed, prepared some chamomile tea and rolled a smoke. Stepping outside I saw that the sky was clear, the air was fresh and the stars were shining the brightest I had seen all year long. If I could have taken my bed outside to sleep under that deep indigo, I know I would have. Instead, I perched myself on the front doorstep and stared at the illuminations. The silence was broken by a meow from the bottom of the garden; my favourite feline friend. She trotted over, cuddled up next to me and together, we watched the stars with a fluffy blanket and a mug of tea. Now, I don’t quite mind being tired in the morning… for in my moment of sleep-deprived frustration, I found sincere happiness and calm.

P.S. sometimes the best moments sneak up on you, just like my neighbour’s cat.

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