Winter Nights

I love these cold and bitter evenings where I finish work at 5pm and the sun is already set. I walk home with icy rain drenching me from head to toe and the chilly wind burning my skin. Arriving at my familiar and comforting front door, greeting me like a reliable old friend. I turn the key, unlock the door and as I close it, I have a warm and content feeling rise within me, because the weather may be raging and it may seem a little gloomy to some, but inside my home, there is love, warmth and happiness.

I light the fire. I run myself a bath and get out of my wet clothes. I make a cup of tea, a hug in a cup, and I curl up with a fluffy blanket and a good book by the hearth of the stove.

The rain taps on the windows. The wind swirls around the stone.

But I am happy and I am cosy, in my beautiful little home.

P.S. Written in the heart of July 2020 as I missed the cosiness of Winter!

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