The Silver Monday

“Smile when your heart is aching, smile even though it’s breaking…” The song that has seen me through many Mondays and the song that inspired this post.

We all have bad days from time to time and it is so easy to let the dark corners of our mind take over and distract us from all of the beauty that there is in this world. Sometimes, we just feel like life has gotten a little dull, repetitive and we lose sight of what makes us happy. On these days, we need to put ourselves first, pause for a moment and allow the brighter side to take control. There are always two ways of looking at things and no matter how hard it may seem, the brighter side is always there. 

Below, there are two different ways to look at the same day. I think we have all had days like both of them. One’s where nothing seems to feel right or make us happy and others where it is effortless to see the silver lining. I believe that the silver lining is always there. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder….

The Grey Monday

An early start on a Monday morning in winter is the worst. The sun hasn’t risen yet, the sky is still black and you can already see that it is going to be a gloomy day. I drink my morning coffee in a rush, as I put all of my hope in its caffeine content to make me feel alive and I set about to do my makeup, the same face I wear every day. As I walk to the bus stop, the rain begins to fall, as if it was just waiting for me to step outside, the song, “Why Does It Always Rain on Me” springs to mind… The bus stop is crowded with noisy school children and other dreary adults, dreading the moment that they clock in and their working week begins. We stand together in silence, consumed by our own thoughts. When the bus finally arrives, we all impatiently try to board to get out of the rain and when we do, it is packed full, it is soggy and the windows have steamed up, dripping with condensation.

I clock in and the day begins, tackling work whilst trying to push every passionate or creative thought to the back of my head so I can concentrate on something that I couldn’t care less about. I count down the hours until lunchtime and distract myself by making tedious conversation with my co-workers, who most likely, find me to be irritating. Lunchtime comes around and gives me half an hour to wolf down a sandwich. The rain has stopped but the skies are dreary and grey and every passerby looks just as fed up as I feel. Lunch is over in a heartbeat and I return to the dreaded desk once again, counting down the hours until I can get the bus back home again. And it will all begin again tomorrow…

The Silver Monday

An early start on a Monday morning in Winter. The sun hasn’t risen yet and the sky is still black which means I will catch the sunrise on the way to work! I put my favourite playlist on and enjoy a hot cup of coffee whilst I do my morning makeup… today I am feeling like channelling Audrey Hepburn with a winged eyeliner. The heavens open as I walk to the bus stop and my mind begins to play “Singing in the Rain” as I watch the birds fly to the trees for shelter and the cats hide underneath parked cars to escape the early morning drizzle. The bus stop is always busy on a Monday morning, with schoolchildren laughing and joking and fellow adults waiting for their working week to begin, so I offer them a smile and a good morning. I pass the time by listening to the raindrops on their umbrellas and the morning birds singing their song. When the bus finally arrives, the sky has just started to turn to dark silver, with the morning sun rising behind the clouds. I wait for everyone to find their seat, there is plenty to go around and when I make my way on, there is a spare window seat waiting for me, so I put my headphones in and stare out at the beautiful beginning of a new week, thinking about all of the possibilities it may bring.

I stop by a bakery between the bus station and work to pick up a few pain au chocolat’s for myself and my co-workers, because who doesn’t love chocolate and pastry in the morning!? I am greeted with more smiles and good mornings and I set myself the goal that today I am going to smash my work! I am going to be passionate about the work that I do because it matters and I am going to do what I can to make my co-workers day an amazing one too. Lunchtime comes around, I pick up a sandwich and sit by the canal watching the ducks swim by as I listen to music that sings to my soul. The sky has cleared and even under the silver clouds, it is a beautiful afternoon. I see other people on their break from work walking by and they flash me a familiar smile and sometimes offer a friendly northern hello, as if to say, we are in this together. Content and full, I make my way back to the office where I chat with my colleagues about their breaks or what I have missed, a lot can happen in half an hour. I don’t count down the hours to the end of the day, I think about how lucky I am to be in this position, to work with the people I work with and to do the work that I do and how lucky I am that I will get to do it all again tomorrow, perhaps a little differently.

We might not have everything that we want right now but just maybe that means we still have everything to look forward to and I think that is exciting. Just maybe tomorrow will be better than you could ever imagine.

I hope all of your Mondays are the shiniest silver xx

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