Coronavirus and Our NHS

I am Triggered. After watching Good Morning Britain with Matt Hancock today I find myself agreeing with Peirce Morgan (that alone shook me to my very core).

When you find yourself agreeing with Peirce Morgan, something must be seriously wrong.

In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, there have been numerous stories about heroes within this tragedy. From volunteers going shopping for elderly neighbours who cannot leave their homes to the random acts of kindness that have been shown across the internet, such as the #caremongering movement in Canada. The disease is horrific, but it is showing us that we can all come together and help each other out when we need it, which is beautiful.

The main heroes throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, in the UK, are our NHS staff, who are risking their own lives daily to save others. Among the superstars of our NHS, is my mum. She has worked as a nurse throughout her life and now works as part of a physiotherapy department. She is a lady who has spent her entire life helping others, from working with children, assisting the elderly and caring for those who cannot care for themselves, it is time that someone showed her the same care that she has shown everyone else.

My Lovely Mum is one of the wonderful and amazing members of the NHS.

Around ten years ago her lung fully collapsed, after never smoking and leading a completely healthy lifestyle. It was scary and we were not sure what was going to happen, but luckily the amazing doctors managed to treat her and she was able to come home to us. Her breathing has never been the same since and if there are any colds, flu or chest infections going around, she suffers.

I advised my mum to make sure her manager is aware of her medical history and request that she takes some time off work as she is vulnerable and classed as high-risk if she were to get Covid-19. Her manager told her that they were unable to give her any time off and that, should the physiotherapy department close down, she will be asked to start working on the wards.

Over the weekend, a patient on one of the wards in her department was diagnosed with Covid-19. Luckily, my mum gets the weekends off, however, the NHS staff who were on shift were working closely with the patient and were completely unprotected. Upon hearing the news, they asked their department manager if they could be tested to see if they have potentially transmitted Coronavirus and were told they were not allowed. They were to continue to work as normal and if they began to show symptoms, only then would they be sent home.

What the F@#*K?!

I am sharing this because I am angry and irritated that certain parts of our NHS are acting so irresponsibly and putting the lives of the heroic people who save lives, every single day, at risk. My mum will be returning to work tomorrow and I despise that she has to.

Matt Hancock says they are doing everything that they can to protect our NHS staff and I am afraid that I am going to have to call BU*L@SH#t. The number one thing that they could do is ensure that there are tests available for those on the frontline.

I am sure there will be many other members of our NHS who are in a similar situation and feel helpless, and I can only say that they are heroes and we have so much respect for what they are doing. It is a scary time for everyone, especially our doctors and nurses, so I say that we look after those first.

Put our NHS staff first.

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