Hello Spring

It’s been a bloomin’ long wait but spring is finally here! The skies have been a beautiful blue all day in Lancaster UK and the warmer, longer days have already begun.

This blog post was originally going to be a gallery of spring quotes by our favourite authors. However, with the current pandemic across the world, I found myself struggling to write about the beauty of the season when I am very much aware that many of us will be spending this spring confined to our homes.

Some of us may still have the opportunity to frolic in nature, so long as we keep social distancing, however, for those of us who will be self-isolating during these times, we will not be seeing much of spring this year.

So I had an idea for how to pass some time during these days indoors.

Bring spring to your home instead. Buy some seeds or flowers online, when you do your supermarket shop or tend to the garden you already have. No matter how small space you have, whether it is a garden, balcony or a yard – there will always be room for a few potted plants.

As Audrey Hepburn said . . .


. . . let’s all believe in tomorrow.


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