About Raggie Writes

Growing up, I didn’t really have the opportunity to travel. Living in a small, forgotten town meant, aside from the ever-changing colours of the sky across the bay at sunset, life and my surroundings remained pretty much the same. My fascination with reading and writing became my escape from this world.


I started to keep notebooks and diaries which I would hide in an old leather suitcase, until I decided to start my first blog in 2015. I started out writing about my daily thoughts and seeing if there was anyone else mad enough to relate to them and ended up finding a deeper love for literature.


Beginning with very little knowledge of the blogging world, I have learned so much over the last five years, but there is still so much more to know. I now write my blog so I can share what I learn along the way as I read, write and wander my way through life.

The biggest lesson that I have learned so far, is that we don’t need to escape. We can explore the lands that our beloved books take us to and then return to our beautiful, special and magical real life.


My writing journey truly began decades ago, but my dream to be a writer is only just beginning. And when I read and write now, it won’t be to escape from this world and find the magic in another, but to share the magic that I have found in this world.

Read my ramblings in my Diary section – here.

Take a look at my visit to Prague to hear all about the beautiful fairytale city – here.

Like poetry? I have given it my best shot – here.

Did you know I have the same birthday as Charles Dickens? Read all about the literary hero – here.

Lastly, thank you for stopping by!


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