A Trip to Prague: Days Three and Four

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Day Three

The beautiful blue skies from the day before had returned and we were blessed with another morning awakening to the music of bird song and church bells. The traffic of the city was a little calmer, as the Sunday morning had many enjoying a deserved lie in. Feeling fresh for a change, I woke up early and created our itinerary for day three:

See the peacocks at Vojanovy sady park, lunch, visit the Jewish Quarter, Boat Trip along the Vltava river at sunset (Will we make it this time around?), La Boheme Opera at Prague State Opera House – A cracking day!

Vltava River

Vojanovy sady (The Vojan Gardens)

The first destination on my list was Vojanovy sady, a serene historical garden with a 17th-century sundial, pond with fountain, and handsome peacocks freely roaming around the grounds. The Vojan Gardens are located on the Mala Strana side of the River Vltava so we enjoyed a twenty-minute walk in the sunshine, picking up a large mocha with whipped cream, in one of the many Starbucks throughout the city centre along the way.

We sat on a bench by the pond where I satisfied my coffee addiction and where I am adamant that I befriended a duck. If I lived in Prague, I could imagine spending many days sitting on that bench in the shade of the trees, watching nature find a place of their own within the busy city. Vojanovy sady is a place of peace and tranquillity and the morning quickly turned into the afternoon as I got carried away with trying to converse with the Peacocks.

We walked over the Mánes Bridge where the view across the river is breathtaking and after taking a moment to appreciate the scenery, we spotted the Marina Restaurant, a converted riverboat with views over the city and Vltava River, and we decided to stop here for lunch. This was my favourite meal from the trip, the team working in the restaurant are so polite and friendly, the food is magnificent and the views are astonishing.

Deep in concentration . . .

Once again, we were enjoying ourselves too much and began to lose track of time (you will have probably noticed by now that this is a reoccurring theme). So, we had to edit the itinerary slightly.

Jewish Quarter

One part of the city that I particularly wanted to visit was the Jewish Quarter (Josefov). With the heartbreaking history of this part of Prague beginning in the 13th century, where Jewish people were banned to live anywhere else, this area has seen more than its fair share of sad times.

With just enough time to see one part of the Jewish Quarter, I chose to visit the Old Jewish Cemetery. This cemetery is the largest of its kind in Europe and it is a melancholic experience to see thousands of graves all forced into such a small area.

I believe it is important to take a moment to learn about the history of anywhere you visit – everywhere you go will have its own story, giving a little more insight into the culture and memories the place is home to.

The Boat Trip!

We thought we had missed the boat (again!) but after some confusion, WE MADE IT! There are so many tours along the Vltava River to choose from and I highly recommend booking one if you plan a visit to Prague. We took our seats on the top deck of the boat where I quickly ordered a glass of red to indulge in as I watched the sun sink behind the hills and gazed at its colourful glow mirrored in the river.

Whilst my boyfriend enjoyed learning about the history of the buildings and the architecture that we passed by; I was guilty of getting lost in the views of the fairytale city as we calmly floated along the golden waters of the Vltava River.

Feeling a little merry, we made our way back to our Airbnb to get ourselves ready for a night at the opera . . . .

La Boheme at Prague State Opera House

. . . And we still managed to turn up underdressed. My goodness, this building is incredible. The opera was magical. I know that opera isn’t for everyone, but I came out with not much make-up left in place – the whole thing was a little reminiscent of the La Traviata scene from Pretty Woman.

Even if you are not a fan of the opera, you will appreciate the intricate decor of this late 1800s masterpiece.

I left the Prague State Opera House and was filled with inspiration to write, so we decided to spend our final night enjoying our new found comfort and familiarity within the walls of our bookish Prague apartment. We ordered a takeaway, put our feet up and I did some writing whilst the handsome Harry did some editing.

I think there is always something a little magical about the first and the last night of a holiday. The first night brings excitement of the days ahead and the final night brings warm memories of the days that have passed. As the early hours of the morning approached, I drifted off to sleep reflecting over the amazing things I have seen on my trip to Prague.

Day Four

It was almost as if the weather knew that the weekend was over and that we were about to return home when we woke up on day four. There was no sun shining through the windows and no bird song, but intervals of hail tapping at the windows and gusts of wind blowing through the streets.

The Globe Café stood directly across the road from our Airbnb and we had been meaning to visit since we arrived in Prague. We made the exhausting trip with our luggage across the road and settled here for some lunch before we were to make our way to the airport for our flight home.

I wish that I had visited this book shop earlier on in the trip! The food is beautiful, the building is inspiring and there are books published in English and Czech! It is the perfect place to spend the afternoon and another place I believe I would become a regular at if I lived in this stunning city.

Vltava River by boat

The time came for us to make our way to the airport and as sad as I was to say goodbye to Prague, I was ready to return home and see the town where I live from a new perspective.

I will never forget my trip to Prague and it is all thanks to my perfect boyfriend. One trip has taught me to be brave, be curious and be grateful. There will be more trips coming this year and I cannot wait to see what else I can learn.

And to anyone who is thinking about visiting Prague – do it! Everyone who visits gets lost in the magic of this fairytale city.

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