A Trip to Prague: Day One

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First Holiday in 20 years. Destination: Prague

This adventure started at Christmas with a hidden envelope and the words “A Trip to Prague”. After a lot of reassuring, this February I got on my first plane in twenty years, making it through the flight with only one glass of prosecco, numerous glances of reassurance from my boyfriend, and a lot of thrash metal.
Prague is an incredible city with stunning architecture, fantastic music, and great food (if you know where to look). This is day one of our four-day adventure in one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Europe.

It was late in the evening by the time we arrived in Prague and after our lovely (and very fast) Uber driver had pointed out some of the moonlit tourist hotspots, we checked into our Airbnb (Artists Corner) and settled in for the night.

Day one

(and my birthday!)

Many of the tourist hotspots in Prague are within walking distance from one another, giving us perfect excuse to spend our first day with no particular plan in mind, ready to get lost amongst the magical architecture that this city has to offer.

The Municipal Library and The Infinite Book Tunnel

I had seen so many photos of the Book Tunnel on Pinterest and had always wanted to see it for myself. Located within the Municipal Library of Prague, the infinite tunnel of books, named “Idiom”, is a sculpture by Czech born artist Matej Krén and is definitely worth the five-minute visit. Despite being a stone’s throw from the tourist hot spot, Old Town Square, the library was void of other people!

Spoiler alert: It is kind of a cylindrical book vagina.

Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock


Coming out of the Library, we headed towards the ornate roofs and towers that we could see in the distance and found ourselves in Old Town Square. Appearing on every tourist attraction list, alongside the Astronomical Clock, it is said to be a must-see, framed by many of the most historical buildings in Prague. However, I found it difficult to fully appreciate as it was largely dominated by tourist groups (I can’t complain too much when I was one of the tourists that were contributing to the crowds).

Any of the good pictures throughout these posts were taken by my incredibly talented (and handsome) boyfriend. Have a look at his stuff McGill Productions. Did you know he is making your next favourite film?


The Astronomical Clock was first installed in 1410 and is one of the third-oldest astronomical clocks in the world and the oldest still operating. Every hour the clock puts on the show of “The Walk of the Apostles”, in which figures of the apostles and, a skeleton dance around the clock. Because of this, I had originally wanted to see it strike an hour but after snapping a couple of pictures, the sheer amount of tourists made us retreat down a quiet back street in search for more adventure.

According to local legend, if the clock is left to stop working, the city of Prague will suffer.

After slipping away from the crowds, we walked through some of the more peaceful parts of the city and towards Legion Bridge, one of the many historical bridges over the River Vltava and headed to the Mala Strana area of Prague in search of lunch. We found U Malého Glena Jazz Club (sadly, not actually knowing it was a jazz club at the time) which I would recommend for a quick lunch with a G&T or five.

Charles Bridge

The most famous of all of the bridges along the Vltava river, Charles Bridge was built in 1357 and is the home of 30 statues of saints along its walls. At each end of the bridge are towers which you can go up to see panoramic views of the city. Despite the bridge being another of the main tourist attractions, with crowds of people taking pictures and stalls taking over the path, the towers were not busy at all and offer a place of peace and quiet above the city below.

As the day began to turn into night, we enjoyed a mulled wine in an Irish bar with a sheltered outdoor seating area, equipt with heat lamps, blankets and sheepskin covered chairs, then headed back to the apartment to find out where would be best to celebrate the night of my birthday (AKA get me wasted).

Since I am a huge fan of heavy metal we tried to find a live music metal bar, which despite the metal scene in Prague being much better than the northwest of the UK, it still proved to be a challenge. Eventually, we stumbled upon a bar hidden beneath a block of flats called Klub 007, who were hosting a thrash metal band that night – yes, please! After looking at the outside of the building, I swore to my boyfriend that we would only be staying for one, but we ended up staying there all night and I had the best time moshing away.

Then alcohol came in and took away my memory of the remainder of the night. The next chapter begins with me and a pounding head . . .

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