The Start of “My Diary” and the End of my Hiatus

A lot can happen in two weeks . . .

I haven’t posted anything for two weeks. Firstly, this was because I was on holiday in Prague, then it was my birthday, then an idiot smacked my butt at work, then it was because I felt depressed and then I walked out of my job. My mind has been a little distracted lately.

27 years, 21 jobs (yup), and too many dark nights sat alone questioning our existence later; I am beginning to feel as if this isn’t the norm for the rest of society, or at least certainly not my social . . . triangle. 

When I first started blogging, I was using it as an outlet for thoughts and feelings surrounding my personal life, however, as I have been trying to make my blog more structured and disciplined, I feel as if it has lost some of its “personality” along the way. I would like to start sharing that kind of content again, even if it is only my boyfriend who is actually reading it (hi). 

Back to the last two weeks, they have been a rollercoaster, as with most of my life. If I don’t cause the drama, it has a way of finding me, and I am cool with that. Rollercoasters are awesome.

Prague was incredible, the architecture was stunning, the music we found was amazing, and the food I tried was certainly interesting! I cannot wait to have more adventures (post all about Prague here).

. . . Which I may need money for, which may be difficult without a job. Unfortunately, too many of us know what it is like to be sexually harassed within the workplace, and after a few too many bad months at my job, the slap on the butt by a fellow employee (who was fired! Yay!) was kind of the straw that broke the camels back. As I put it in my resignation letter,

“I have worked in the customer service industry since I was thirteen and the past fourteen years have taught me that this industry can be difficult when you wear your heart on your sleeve. Although my bank balance and my pride are telling me to keep plodding along, my head is telling me it is time to get out of this dark place and look for a change.”

Although in the past, I may have been terrified in this situation, life has taught me that at the very least, another shite job will come up to keep me going. However, more than that, we really can do absolutely anything that we put our minds to (unfortunately not peeing out of your finger or never having to fart). Maybe I will have twenty-one more jobs to power through before I get where I want to be, but at least that means I am already halfway through.P.S. This all reminds me a lot of my poem from Writing Prompt #10P.P.S. As a Windows user currently using a Mac, ILap . . . you have no idea how much effort I put into find that hashtag. 

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