Writing Goals You Should have this New Year

It’s not only a new year, but it is also a new decade . . . Which my boss kindly pointed out means I have seen four decades on this planet. I am torn between a feeling of triumph for lasting this long and a sense of dread for the rapidly approaching wrinkles. With that aside, it is the perfect opportunity for “expert ostrichers”, otherwise known as professional procrastinators, to stop making excuses and start taking steps towards their goals.

Between work and my personal life, my writing has been put on the back burner and any in-between time has been spent mindlessly scrolling through my phone as I tell myself that I have worked hard that day and I have earned the right to do nothing. However, doing nothing isn’t really treating myself at all and I have been reminded that writing wasn’t ever a chore or an item on my to-do list, it was just a part of me, something I had always done, and the only way I can understand myself (even if others can’t make sense of my rants and rambles).

I started Raggie Writes a little over a year ago to share these strange stories and thoughts which in the past, I would have always kept to myself – because the older I get, the more I learn that there are plenty of fellow strange folk out there who might just relate to some of my words. Throughout blogging, I have learned that writing is not just a release for me to do in my spare time, it is something that I am truly passionate about, and if I try hard enough, I might just make something out of it.

The new decade will bring us libraries full of new authors, and I hope I can become one of them. I am going to shake the sand from around my feathered head (another ostrich reference. I apologise) and knuckle down with some writing this year.

I thought about where I would most like to focus my attention with my writing and put together a few questions we can ask ourselves to help keep track of our writing goals this year. 2020 will not be the year for writer’s block!

Pro Tip (this hasn’t come from my brain):

Try to make your goals specific. Saying that you want to be a better writer is all well and good, but how are you going to get there? What specific areas do you need to improve on?

Writing Goals for 2020

1. If you have a number of different stories/novels that you are currently working on, is there one in particular that you are going to focus on or will you divide your time to focus on multiple projects?

For example, I have too many unfinished stories and jotted down ideas scattered all over the place. I think it would be best for me to focus on one thing at a time.

2. How will you organise your writing schedule?

How will your writing/blogging fit in around your work and personal life?

3. How many hours per day/week do you want to spend writing?

4. How many pages do you want to write per day/week?

5. How many chapters/stories/reviews/articles do you want to write each month or this year?

6. If you are a blogger, what is your schedule going to be? When will you write and upload blog posts?

I will be posting blog posts every Monday and Friday – there is no point in forcing out useless content just for the sake of posting and it will leave me with more time to focus on long term projects, such as the million book ideas floating around in my head. 

7. Are there any subjects you want to write more about?

8. Are there any genres you want to explore more?

Whilst I will be spending a lot of time working on my creative writing, I want to start doing a little more non-fiction writing, such as book reviews and articles.

9. What do you want to learn this year?

My list is long . . .

10. Which areas of your writing do you want to improve?

Another very long list of mine, but certainly at the moment it is the regularity in which I write. We will only become bestselling authors if we put the time in to “sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

What are your writing goals this year?

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