I fear there’s no escape, from an inconsequential fate,
From the tears held back, from the hands that suffocate.
I’m frustrated, that year after year,
Has led me nowhere,
And my dreams are left somewhere that I can’t remember.
I wait. I wait,
And I see no change,
Any view of a future, so far out of range,
I’m irate,
When you dictate,
Each and every move I make.
You humiliate,
You discriminate,
Then expect me to give my soul to a life which I hate.
But I have to stay,
I am forced to obey,
The privaliged cliché,
For not enough pay,
To make it through each and every day.
I used to believe,
That one day I would leave,
Now I realise I was being niave.
I’m stuck in this loop and there’s no way out,
Where nobody cares how loud I shout,
My voice will go on unheard,
An irrelevance with each word,
Until I slip away for good,
Once misunderstood,
A heart longing to be adored,
Thoughts always ignored,
Now gone forever, forgotten for eternity,
All I ever wanted was to be a memory.

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