Writing Prompt No. 17


It took so long to leave because…

He had texted her to meet him at six-thirty on platform two or he would leave without her and they would never see each other again. She had every intention of going, she loved him. She sat on a boulder on the promenade, forty feet away from the train station and stared across the bay, drowning herself in the glow of the early autumnal sunset. The seaside silences her mind; and for a moment the racing, contradictory thoughts cease.

She is awoken back into reality by the sound of a train arriving in the station. She didn’t have a watch on her, but the sound of the trains arriving and departing was a good enough indication that the time was passing, even if she was engrossed in the artwork in the sky.

The sky grew darker and darker and the evening grew quieter and quieter as the commuters rush was coming to an end. She knew it was past six-thirty and she knew she had done the right thing. She waited until the sun had fully set and all of the colours across the bay had turned to a deep, dark, blue before she returned home.

This is her home and it’s going to take a love more beautiful than the sunset across that bay for her to leave it behind.