Vintage By The Sea

For the last seven years, on the first weekend in September, Morecambe seafront has gone back in time; with its residents dusting off those retro jackets and visitors from all around the UK wearing their very best vintage attire. Classic car owners polish their retro rides and take a drive to the seaside to show off their pride and joy in front of the famous art-deco Midland Hotel. There are stalls, shows, catwalks, dance-offs, rides and so much more over the Vintage By The Sea weekend, however, my favourite part is how with Morecambe’s forgotten historic heart, the weekend really does feel like you have time travelled.

Classic cars in front of the legendary Midland Hotel, built on the promenade front in 1933, it is famous for its stunning art-deco architecture and design (and my stunning mother)!

I have mentioned my adoration for Morecambe in previous blog posts, but when Vintage by the Sea comes to town, my love for the place reaches a whole new level.

It makes the perfect weekend getaway – checking in at the gorgeous Midland Hotel, drinking champagne, getting a full vintage makeover and 48 hours of reminiscent music and good old fashioned fun.

There were bands playing old classics in the Melodrome, old red double-decker busses converted into bars and every year the Lancaster Bomber makes an appearance.

Until we invent time travel, I am just going to have to make do with Vintage by the Sea.

We, of course, get our best vintage on!

In a world where there is becoming less mystery and romance, I am addicted to the wonder of the past. Vintage by the Sea is full of likeminded people who go along to dress and act like they are back in the 1920s for a weekend, that is my perfect idea of an escape.

If you could go back to any era, what would it be and why?

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