Review: The Bookishly Classic Book Crate

**Spoiler Alert**

I have always loved subscription boxes. The excitement of receiving a little present to myself in the post each month helps me get through the working weeks. When I was younger I tried lots of different beauty boxes and loved receiving little goodies that I might not usually pick up myself. So this month, I ordered my very first book box, The Bookishly Classic Book Crate. You can order it from their website for £35 per month, making it the most expensive subscription box I have bought. It is usually shipped around the 20th of each month and mine arrived on the 23rd of August. This month’s box was inspired by Romeo and Juliet, which, who doesn’t love? The Bookishly Classic Book Crate was much bigger than I imagined it would be and was beautifully presented.

Every month they include a paper-back book, with an exclusively designed Bookishly Classic Book Crate sleeve. I am going to be completely honest – I thought the design was stunning, however, I was disappointed at the quality. I don’t know if I was expecting too much from a subscription box, but I just felt as if for the £35 price tag, a hardback might be a little more special? The matching bookmark that came along with it was sweet and again, the design is really pretty.

The themes for this months Romeo and Juliet Box were: love, hate, folly, mortality, fate and free will, in keeping with the themes, the box includes a second book, a Penguin Little Black Book edition of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Aphorisms on Love and Hate, which I think is a great little addition to the box.

I loved the little sachet of Jenier tea, however, I did think it would have been nice to receive a themed mug or cup to go with it and it would have made the price a little more worth it.

The Bookishly Classic Book Crate disappointed again slightly, with a wooden “Capulet” badge. Again, there was no problem with the design, just with the overall quality and is not something I could see myself ever using.

Unfortunately, I was let down with the next little gift, a DIY bunting. Maybe I am being a little harsh, or because I am twenty-six years old and don’t want to make my abode look like a creche, but once again, for the price, I expect a little more than paper and string.

I did enjoy reading the little Willam Shakespear fact card . . .

The last items in the box was a paper print of a Romeo and Juliet quote, “These violent delights have violent ends” and another framed quote from the book. This came wrapped separately in lovely bookish wrapping paper which made the whole experience even more of a treat. Upon unwrapping, the strongest smell of permanent marker hit me. . . They sell their framed quotes on the for £19.95, so I was just a little surprised to find out that it was literally Sharpie stencilled onto a book page and stuck into a glassless frame.

Overall I did not think that this month’s box was worth £35. I think the past boxes on their website looked much better than this one, so I will try The Bookishly Classic Book Crate one more time before I throw in the towel completely.

Bookishly Classic Book Crate Pros:

  • Pretty exclusive designed book cover
  • Discover new classic books delivered to your door
  • Beautifully packaged
  • Try new teas that you might not usually pick up

Bookishly Classic Book Crate Cons:

  • £35
  • Lots of paper bits that will probably end up in the bin
  • Not worth the price tag (you could definitely get the individual items for less than the box – without the exclusive cover)
  • The overall quality of items was a little poor this time around – sorry

Do you have a favourite book subscription box? I would love to find new ones to try!

4 thoughts on “Review: The Bookishly Classic Book Crate

    1. I am going to give it another chance as previous boxes did look better, I was just let down as I’ve received better quality products from other boxes for less the price. Thank you for your comment – I’ll let you know how round 2 goes!


    1. They are a nice little treat, there are also a few smaller subscription boxes with simply a book and a new flavour tea each month which I am thinking of giving a shot!


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