Writing Prompt No. 13


Write about a boy who saw things differently.

In a world where the gift of deep thinking is treated as “overthinking”.

Overthinking insinuates thinking beyond what we ought to as if our imaginations have limitations. Deep thinkers are the people who make scientific discoveries, create the most useful and awe-inspiring inventions and write unforgettable literature and music, however, we live in a world where it is easier to prescribe a pill to help our minds function within the region of what is considered normal, instead of helping to guide it onto the right path.

James always knew he thought differently, he learned through observing conversations with others that the things he wanted to discuss in great detail were never the same as theirs. He noticed that when he was on the bus to school, he was the only one who would smile and marvel at the Spring croci in the park and the frost covered fields in the Winter, as when he averted his gaze from these, he would see his fellow schoolmates either staring gloomily at the floor or engaging in inconsequential conversation.

James thought as deeply about the beauty of the world as he did the ugliness and being a sensitive soul, he lived and felt each moment as intoxicating as humanly possible. He allowed the magnificence of the world the engulf him and when he did, he would feel enlightened, as if he knew the meaning of life and his purpose. When the thoughts were of the innevitable, unfavourable and darker sides of life, he felt the true pain of the harsh reality. He realised that often, in the bleakest of times and places, if you look hard enough, you can find a new and different kind of good. James knew though, that to experience all of the good the world has to offer, you have to embrace the bad.

James grew up to be a man who believed that you wouldn’t know the strongest love that there is if you have never felt the most crushing heartbreak.

“I would rather live a thousand years in darkness than never look into those hazel eyes again.”

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