Writing Prompt No. 11


Start a story with somebody opening a door.

It was another rainy day in northern England, but Rose was excited, she had a job interview today and she was becoming desperate for the money. She was dressed elegantly in her favourite fitted black dress and elaborate vintage black heels as she approached the grand, historical entrance of the Georgian hotel. She pressed the brass doorbell and the carved, mahogany wooden doors were promptly opened by two smiling men, dressed smartly in dark brown suits, offering a warm welcome to the hotel. The lobby had a marble floor, with stone pillars reaching up to the ceilings, which had an exquisite chandelier raining down from the domed centre. Rose felt drawn to the place and all of its history, something about the old building spoke to her. She had always had a love for older and pre-loved things, they have a story behind them, but she felt like she belonged here.

Her trance was politely interrupted by a handsome man with fair hair and an impeccable posture introducing himself as Edward Laurel, the manager of the hotel. He offered her a seat by the large windows looking out onto Market Street and offered her a tea with tealeaves made locally, just across the road. The serenity of the whole place made Rose feel the most relaxed she had ever felt during an interview as she sank back into the floral wingback chair.

Edward returned with a fine china tea set, which crashed to the floor as a chambermaid broke through the doors to the staircase screaming, “There has been a murder in 302!”

Rose remained seated and watched on as Edward ran over to the chambermaid, signalling the receptionist to phone the police.

There was a wedding in the hotel the night before. The bride and groom stayed in 302. The bride was found lifeless on the bed and the groom was nowhere to be found. Was this the reason Rose was felt drawn to the place? Could she somehow help solve the murder case?

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