Writing Prompt No. 9

Sometimes simple is best and you know what they say – show don’t tell!


Convey a mood as your character walks down the street. Don’t tell us how he or she feels.

She looks directly ahead, glazed and drowning eyes fixed on the green light. The night’s air is cold and wet, she only wears a sundress, but her skin is hot and her pace is steady. The wind blows the rain so that it pelts upon her face, yet her focus on the light remains and her eyes don’t flinch. Her breath is long and deep, with her lips sealed shut, but her brow soft and upturned. Water drops from the tip of her nose, onto her upper lip, her face doesn’t notice and she holds her focus. Clenched fists are held stiffly below her hips and if there were a tightrope between her and the green light, I imagine she wouldn’t have fallen.

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