Writing Prompt #6

I have been watching quite a few horror films at the moment so I wanted to write something that I could end with “and they lived happily ever after.” I approached this writing prompt differently to usual, I let myself write and write and didn’t go back to edit. Sometimes you just need to let your mind wander and see where is goes. This was where mine went. I hope you enjoy it!

Write something that begins with a character throwing a coin into a fountain.

She threw the coin into the air and as she watched it fall, she whispered, “I wish I could fall in love.” In the twenty seven years that Elodie had been alive, she had never fallen in love. She had come close many times, but in the end, her heart was broken. The coin landed somewhere amongst the copper, silver and golden wishes of hundreds, maybe even thousands of other people and as the strong afternoon sun hit the metallic bed of the fountain, it gave off a magical glow, enough to make anyone believe this place could make even your most far fetched wishes come true.

She returned herself to reality and followed the sound of jazz music coming out of a nearby pub. Elodie was from Brittany, but spoke English very well, so had no problem making conversation with the locals of Lancaster. She was visiting on a short trip, her very first time abroad and that day was her final before returning home.

The pub was loud and busy, but friendly and happy and the music was wonderful. It was open mic night that evening and the jazz band that was currently playing only had thirty minutes of their set. She danced and drank whiskey until the final applause and had intended to return to her hotel once the band had finished playing, but she was having such a good time that she decided to stay for one more drink.

The jazz band had packed their instruments away and the host of the open mic night announced the first act. By this point, Elodie had almost forgotten about the fountain and the coin and the wish, but approaching the stage was a tall, red haired man carrying a guitar, who reminded her. He played a song so beautiful, that Elodie closed her eyes as she listened and let the music take her away. He sang with an accent she had never heard before, but she adored everything about it.

The song came to an end, so Elodie finished her whiskey and went over to return her empty glass to the bar and leave. However as she approached the bar, she heard the same accent that the red haired man had sang with on the stage asking her, “What you drinking?”

“I’m leaving.” Elodie replied with a smile on her face.

“Where is your accent from?” He asked.

“Where is YOUR accent from?”

“I’m from Swansea in Wales. I saw my song sent you to sleep?”

Elodie couldn’t help but smile and laugh as he spoke. It wasn’t that what he was saying was hilariously funny, but he just was – in the most wonderful way. “I wasn’t asleep, I just thought it was beautiful. I am from Brittany in France, I am here on a trip. Tonight is my final night here.”

“Your final night here and you were about to leave? We can’t be having that. You don’t seem half as drunk as what you should be. It’s a British tradition!”

“Are you trying to get me drunk?”

He laughed, turned to the bartender and ordered two whiskeys. He gave one to Elodie and kept another for himself. “Tonight is your final night here and I would like to have the honour of making it a night you remember.”

“Or a night I forget. Depends how many whiskeys I have.”

“I’m Liam.” He smiled.


The two spent the whole night drinking, talking and laughing up until the bell for time at the bar had rung and all of the performers from the open mic night had long gone. When all of the pubs had closed their doors, Liam took her to the top of Ashton Memorial. A beautiful Edwardian folly with views over the whole of Lancaster. They light up the tower in different colours to celebrate or remember something that the city of Lancaster hold important and tonight it was lit up purple. As they walked up the hill and into the purple glow of the tower, he told her the story of how the tower was built. “Lord Ashton loved his wife so much that when she passed away, he wanted to build something almost as beautiful as she was to pay tribute to her.” They sat on the steps, enveloped in purple and looked over the city, it was so peaceful and the old buildings in the city twinkled in night sky. So peaceful that Elodie and Liam fell asleep.

They awoke to the sound of the birds with the perfect amount of time for Elodie to return to the hotel and catch her flight and Liam insisted on driving her to the airport. The journey there consisted of more laughter and music before turning emotional. Liam thanked Elodie for an amazing night and handed her a note, instructing her not to read it before she got on the plane. She wanted to kiss him so much, but she was too scared it would make leaving him even harder, so when he pulled up to the airport entrance, she thanked him and got out of the car as quickly as she could, then made her way inside.

Curiosity got the better of her and she opened the letter before she had even made it fully into the airport,


I know I only met you last night, but I have never met anyone like you before. I told you things I have never told anyone else and you understood me. I understood you too. If I had one wish, it would be that I could get to know all of you. I love everything I know about you so far and I know that I’ll love everything I new I learn about you. Thank you for one of the best nights of my life.

Love Liam.”

Tears had filled Elodie’s eyes and she ran back out of the airport to where he dropped her off. Liam was still in the car with his head in his hands on the steering wheel. Elodie walked over and opened his car door, making him jump slightly but beam from ear to ear when he saw her face. That was when they had their first kiss.

Elodie got on the flight home, but the two stayed in touch constantly. They wrote eachother romantic letters, emailed everyday, video chatted whenever they could and when they could afford to, they took trips to other European cities together. Elodie and Liam were madly in love and the distance made it grow even stronger. The fountain remained in the back of Elodie’s mind all of the time and she often wondered about bringing it up with Liam. That she had longed for a love like this, wished for it in a fountain in Lancaster and then met him that same night, but she didn’t think that he would believe the two were linked and think she was being weird and more than anything, she didn’t want to believe that he loved her because she had wished him to. She wanted him to just love her. So she put it to the back of her mind and loved him as best as she could in return.

After a year of living in separate countries they had saved enough so that Elodie could move to Lancaster. It would be the first time that she had been back there since the trip and she decided to celebrate by going into the same pub where they met that night. As they approached the pub, Elodie looked over to where the fountain used to be, but where the grand fountain once stood, stood a huge magnolia tree. The tree was far too big to have grown in a year and it was definitely the same place as where the fountain was the year before. Confused, Elodie headed into the pub with Liam and had a drink to see if that helped set her head straight.

Elodie searched her brain for every reasonable explanation, but Liam could see that she had something on her mind. “Is everything okay?”

Elodie thought about making something up, but she was too confused to think of anything other than the fountain. “Do you remember the fountain that was at the square by the pub last year?”

“What fountain?” He asked with a perplexed expression on his face.

“The one that was where the big magnolia tree is!”

“That tree has been there for as long as I can remember. Do you mean a fountain somewhere else?”

Elodie stayed silent for quite some time before trying to explain over and over again that the fountain really was where the tree was, but he insisted that the tree had always been there. After around fifteen minutes of this, Liam eventually dragged a couple of reluctant regulars over to confirm that the tree had stood in the same place for decades, if not hundreds of years, before sending them back to their pints of ale. “Why is this is important to you?”

She finally told him all about the wish and how she met him afterwards and how she believed that if she told him all of this, he might not love her anymore. Liam brushed some of Elodie’s dark hair from her face, looked into her eyes and smiled saying, “You might have made a wish that day, but it wasn’t the wish that made me fall in love with you. I fell in love with you because you are incredible, please take all of the credit you deserve for that and not let some wish granting-fountain steal it.”

She never did know how the fountain came to be there that day and as time went on she began to question if she ever really did make that wish, but she knew that Liam loved her and more importantly she wanted to love him the best she could. Liam proposed to Elodie that same year, underneath the magnolia tree and they lived happily ever after.

Thank you for reading!

If you try any of the writing prompts from the challenge I would love to read them! Post a link to your version in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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