Happy Birthday to Me!

I am twenty-six today. Exactly twenty years ago today, I’d have been laying awake excited for the morning to see presents and friends and family, and happy that I am a year older (closer to the legal age of drinking, I was brought up in Newcastle – we start thinking of booze early on). I couldn’t sleep tonight, I wasn’t excited to wake up to see cards from loved ones, I was thinking about how I am not at all where I wanted to be at twenty-six. In fact, I am in the complete opposite situation in every area of my life (maybe a slight overreaction). Anyway, at work, I see too many people, still full of life, complaining that they are too old and that life hasn’t gone the way they want it to and I refuse to be one of those.


I might not be where I want career or relationship wise and I am definitely not where I want to be financially, but I have grown so much as a person and I have been through a lot over the last twenty-six years. This just means I have more to look forward to. A holiday will feel even better after not having been on one for fifteen years and I have learned to live without money, hopefully, that means I will appreciate it when I do have some.  People shouldn’t be sad on their birthdays, it really is just a number after all and it is your own personal New Year, so if you cocked up a few times on your New Year’s Resolutions, a birthday is a chance to hit refresh or a take two!

I’m going to kick being twenty-six’s butt.

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