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I overthink and then I write about it. Sometimes in the form of poetry.

Un Mal Pour un Bien

Everything happens for a reason, Just maybe not in the way we’ve been told. Sometimes life can be hard when we’re young, Yet easier as we grow old… When the happiest times were the bitterly cold nights and you could see your breath in the sky… But when that summer came around, you were inconsolableContinue reading “Un Mal Pour un Bien”

The Wilted Flower

The flower you picked has wilted, But it still stands in its vase, The photo has been bleached by the sun, But I can still make out your face. They tell me to throw them away, To try and start anew, But some days they make me smile, And others, I just miss you.


Don’t tap against my windows Make as much noise as you can Drench me to my very core Let go weatherman. Blow before your lungs collapse Lift the roof from this home Tear up the concrete drive Break through the Thatchere’d stone. Take me away with you You can be my guide So kick downContinue reading “Pluviophile”

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